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Trendy Design Hits Leather Lounges, Beds, and Sofa in Melbourne

Another year, another set of predictions by interior design experts. 2015 brought us some interesting developments: outdoor furniture used as indoor furniture, the rise of glamour seating, custom made pieces, culturally inspired furniture, metallic leather lounges and sofas, environmental emphasis, big dining tables, small seating, and an incorporation of technology, to name a few. That door is closed, however, and a new wave of design trends is sweeping the industry. 2016 promises to be the year of new colours and textures, new materials, and new sensibilities. Sunshine Furniture, premium purveyors of leather beds, lounges, and sofas in Melbourne, want you to stay up to date on the latest in home design.

What's Hot in 2016?

Soothing Colours. It seems everything is mellowing out for this year. As experts predicted, our always-on society has created an increased desire for tranquillity and peace in the home. Hues like “Simply White”, “Rose Quartz”, and “Serenity”, are all at the top of the colours of the year lists. Paint manufacturer Valspar has gone as far as to create an entire Comfort Zone colour palette for 2016, which they've hailed as an antidote to the 'fast-paced lifestyle”.

Rough Texture. The new trend for surfaces seems to be towards grit and roughness. No longer will we have to stare at the sterile, antiseptic textures of yesteryear, as depth and feeling make a return to walls and furniture. There are plenty of new options, not only in raw materials, but in texture-mimicking veneers that transform even the plainest furniture into something with style and character: Effects papers that resemble brick, stone, and rough wood, layered mineral textures for furniture and walls, and even recycled materials repurposed and given new life as a chair, table, or sofa frame.

Functionality. Getting the most out of furniture has become the new thing. 2-in-1 designs (like the newest storage-style leather beds) are a hot ticket, as are modular units and high-tech pieces, such as a leather sofa with built in features including lights, charging stations, and mounts for various devices.

What's Old Is New. There's a heavy demand for retro-themed items in today's market. Don't call it a comeback, though; ‘70s and ‘80s inspiration has already been making its mark in the fashion world, and the cross to interior design was simply an overdue lateral move. Increasingly, this has translated to a rebirth for certain styles of leather furniture such as sofas, beds, and even leather lounges. In Melbourne, there's one supplier who has you covered for top-end leather everything.

Shopping for Leather Beds in Melbourne?

Then you should check out Sunshine Furniture. We have over 35 years of experience in the furniture industry, stock one of the largest and most divers ranges of modern and contemporary furnishings, and stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and fashions. We are focused on understanding our customer's needs and lifestyle, and maintain our status as a leader in the furniture industry. Whether you are in need of a leather bed, lounge, or leather sofa in Melbourne, call us today on 03 9311 1629 for more information on our amazing selection.