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The Advantages of Leather Furniture — and Where to Find Leather Bedding, Leather Couches and More in Melbourne

Cloth-upholstered couches, chairs and beds are extremely comfortable, but they don't offer the same air of prestige or luxury that leather furniture can provide. If you've been thinking about updating your home's furniture with leather replacements, here are a few clear advantages you can expect to see from doing so.

Five Reasons to Invest in Leather Furniture in Melbourne

  1. It always looks elegant: Whether you are buying a leather couch for your Melbourne living room or a leather-upholstered bed for your master bedroom, you can expect it to add a new dimension of elegance to the space. Upholstery styles and even wood stains go in and out of style, but leather almost always seems to remain timeless—making it a smart investment for virtually any room of the house.
  2. It is available in modern and traditional designs: Many people envision leather couches or chairs are fitting into the frame of traditional or classical interior decoration. However, while leather furniture often does fit such interior décor styles, it is ultimately just an upholstery choice. As such, the design of the furniture itself can easily make leather fit into a modern space as well as a different design would mesh with a more traditional room. For instance, if you are shopping for leather couches in Melbourne, start by browsing the Sunshine Furniture selection. Our Adria leather sofa is perfect to match with your modern furnishings while our Baron Chesterfield sofa offers a more classical look.
  3. Comfort: At first, leather can feel stiffer than other furniture upholstery, but it becomes softer and more comfortable over the years. Sunshine Furniture's leather bedding options in Melbourne are particularly comfortable, offering a large headboard and making it more relaxing to sit up in bed and read or watch TV. Unlike wooden headboards, which aren't necessarily comfortable to lean against, leather bedding provides an almost couch-like feel to the back of your bed.
  4. Durability: Leather is generally easier to maintain than other types of furniture upholstery. Where other fabrics can tear, wear or stain easily, leather holds strong. The durable material is difficult to rip or pierce while spills can easily be wiped up because they don't absorb quickly. As a result, investing in leather furniture in Melbourne can give you years of enjoyment. The furniture may be slightly more expensive than fabric furniture, but it will give you more bang for your buck as well.
  5. No Allergens: Just like your carpet collects debris over time—from dust to pet dander—fabric furniture can do the same. Leather furniture rarely harbours allergens in the same way, making for a healthier and fresher space.

Start Shopping for Leather Bedding and Leather Couches in Melbourne

Are you interested in adding a few leather furniture options to your home? Start shopping at Melbourne's Sunshine Furniture today! From sofas to sectional couches and reclining chairs, all the way to bedding options, we can help you find the perfect leather furnishings for your home. Call us on (03) 9311 1629 to learn more about our business.