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Tips for Finding the Best Leather Chairs, Dining Chairs, And Lounge Furniture in Melbourne

On the surface, buying leather furniture might seem like an easy move. You're an adult, after all, and you've purchased furniture before. Just find the right size and price, buy it, move it in, and you're set, right? Not always the case when getting a piece of leather furniture. There are different kinds of leather, different styles, different colours that can affect your purchasing decisions. You need to make sure you know the variables before potentially getting a piece of furniture that doesn't fit your space or your lifestyle. Thankfully, the authority on leather chairs and leather dining chairs in Melbourne, Sunshine Furniture, has all the info you'll need before making that leather furniture purchase of your dreams.

Your Guide to Buying Leather Dining Chairs

The biggest difference between leather pieces you should take heed of is whether the leather is finished or unfinished. What's the difference? If leather is coloured with only a dye, it is referred to as being unfinished. This means that there is no coating on the leather. The colour is very deep, as they dye has the chance to completely penetrate the pores of the leather. The end product is supremely luxurious and stunningly beautiful. It's the more expensive of the two, and can stain quite easily. You'll also have to deal with unfinished leather fading from excessive exposure to UV rays. Finished leather goes through an additional process in which a pigmented coating (the finish) is applied to its surface. Additional chemical treatments alter the colour and provide the clear coated sheen, which can sometimes be quite glossy. Though not as soft as unfinished leather, a finished leather piece won't stain as easily, is easier to clean, resistant to fading, and less expensive. One could say it’s the superior choice for a busier household with kids, pets, etc.

No matter which variety of leather chair you go with, you can take comfort in knowing that there are numerous advantages over going with plain old fabric; primarily, leather's superior durability. It's four times as durable as most fabrics, and unlike fabric, when well taken care of, its character just increases as it ages. It's easier to clean (you can just get a damp cloth and go to work), and contrary to popular belief, can get as comfortable and warm as any other material.

Where to Go for Leather Chairs in Melbourne

You guessed it; the furniture experts at Sunshine Furniture have you covered. If you need a leather chair or leather lounge in Melbourne, make us your go-to guys. We have the best selection, coupled with the best service around. Our trained consultants can assist you with decorating and picking out the best furniture to suit your living space. When you finally have your furniture picked out, we'll help you out with our friendly delivery service, designed to work with your schedule and maximise your convenience. Remember, when shopping for a lounge or leather chair in Melbourne, you deserve the quality and service that only we can provide. Call us on 03 9311 1629 or email us at to learn more about how we can help you find the best furniture for you!