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Upgrade Your Style with the Best Selection of Modern Beds, Couches, Lounges and TV Units in Melbourne

We’ve all been there—entering a home where the exterior looks promising, but the interior is… less than impressive. This is often due to a lack of style or structure to the home’s furniture. After all, the appeal of a home is typically related to the way in which furnishings are used to create a cohesive style unique to the homeowners.

If your unique style leans toward the contemporary, you may find success with Sunshine Furniture’s wide selection of modern home furnishings.

Your Living Room: A Place to Create a Style All Your Own

The living room is often the first room people see in your home and its design can speak volumes about your style. Sunshine Furniture carries a large variety of furnishings to create modern room perfect for entertaining. One ultra-sleek modern TV unit in Melbourne is the Mintaro TV Unit which comes in white or black and features chrome strips and drawers made partially of glass. It offers plenty of storage and adds a unique flare to any living room.

However, what good would a lovely TV unit be without a way to sit and enjoy it? Selecting a modern lounge suite in Melbourne is a great way to turn a basic living room into a relaxing hideaway. One lounge, the Avandale Corner Recliner is a leather modular suite with reclining seats, a reclining chaise, and a drink console—perfect for relaxing after work or for enjoying a Saturday evening in with the family. The lounge can be ordered in a variety of colours and customised to fit your space.

If you are searching Melbourne for a modern couch, however, you may like the Hyatt Fabric Sofa. The contemporary (but surprisingly classic) sofa comes in a variety of fabrics and colours to match your personal style.

Search Sunshine Furniture’s Contemporary Selection and Say “Hello” to Your New Style

Your living room may be the room most people see, but the bedroom, too, deserves the star treatment. Though paint and accent furniture can go a long way in making this room comfortable and luxurious, the main feature of the room is, of course, the bed. When searching for modern beds in Melbourne, one interesting option to consider is the Artplex Leather Bed. It comes in a variety of leather colours and also features twin adjustable headboards that can be raised and lowered for ultimate comfort. For those in search of a bed with a modern look but with a distinctly traditional influence, the Vivian Fabric Bed may be what you are looking for. The bed can be ordered in a variety of fabrics and comes in either a King or Queen size. Its beautiful design certainly makes it a bed fit for a royal.

While searching for modern pieces like TV units, beds, and couches to spruce up their home, many people have come to find that Sunshine Furniture offers a remarkable selection of well-designed contemporary furniture that offers both aesthetic appeal as well as luxury. With 35 years of experience and a staff of knowledgeable consultants, you’ll be sure to find that perfect piece to help you say “hello” to your new style.