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Furniture Care

Leather Care

Leather has a timeless appeal and is durable, however all leather requires care to maintain its elegance and long life. 

Always keep your leather free from dust and dirt.


Avoid sitting on the edges of the cushions and arms of the sofa, as this can cause stretching of the leather and distortion.


When cleaning your sofa, use a soft untreated cloth, or a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. 

Use a leather protection cream to protect against stains and dirt. This also improves durability and helps keep the leather soft and supple over time. 

Make sure your sofa is not exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight, and ensure it is not placed close to any heat source. Always allow at least 50 cm spacing from any of the above mentioned. 

Never use detergents or chemicals to clean your leather, as these can damage the leather all also cause the leather to become dry and hard. For stubborn stain always use a recommended leather cleaner. 

Leather is a natural product.  Do not be alarmed by natural markings on the leather such as veining, insect marks, and scars. These markings are all natural hallmarks of real leather. 

For some other types of leather such as Suede, Nubuk, and unprotected leather it is best not to use any cleaning agents. For these types of leather cleaning should be only applied using a soft brush or cloth.



Fabric Care


By following a few precautions and routines you can ensure your fabric sofa will remain new and stay clean.  

Periodically vacuum your fabric sofa making sure to get into the crevices to reduce abrasions caused by crumbs and particles. 

Occasionally rotate the cushions and pillows to promote a more even use. This will reduce the chance of any padding shifting. 

Keep you fabric sofa out of direct sunlight, as this can cause fading and deterioration of the fabric. 

If you’re considering cleaning your fabric sofa, seek professional advise as some forms of cleaning can affect and damage the fabric as well as shrinking the fabric. Read cleaning suggestions of the manufacturer to avoid using the wrong type of cleaning chemicals. 

When purchasing your new fabric sofa it is highly recommended that you have some form of fabric seal protection applied to the fabric. The seal will prevent liquid and oily stains and will generally protect your sofa from most common stains, leaving your sofa looking new for a long time.


Timber Care



Dust your furniture frequently, using a clean, soft cloth. In order to avoid scratches, take care to lift objects and never drag or slide them across the surface.  

Use a damp sponge to clean spills, and make sure you completely dry the surface. 

Do not use strong detergents and glass cleaners on timber furniture. Use only products that contain natural ingredients. Do not use silicon-based products. 

Do not leave spills or liquids to sit on timber. Always clean spills immediately using a dabbing motion. Do not rub the timber as this can cause an undesirable shine to occur or discolour the stain or painted surface. 

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or excessive heat on timber as this can cause timber products to warp, particulary on the doors and joints and can cause the lacquer to fade and stain. 

Always use protective mats and coasters on table tops which will prevent liquid and heat damage. 

Always seek professional help in an attempt to repair any timber surface.



Metal Care



Always keep metal finished surfaces clean and free of any dirt or liquid. Dust the surfaces regularly and occasionally wipe down the surface with a soft clean cloth which will eliminate dust build up and metal tarnish. 

Chrome surfaces can also be cleaned using a recognised brand of chrome polish, which will help keep the surface clean and shiny. 

Avoid nocking any metal surface with hard objects which can scratch and chip the surface. This can cause the metal to rust and deteriorate.



Glass Care


Clean glass regularly. We recommend dusting before wiping the glass as this will eliminate dust build up which can scratch the glass when rubbed. 

Use a recognised brand glass cleaner with a soft cloth and wipe until all streaks have disappeared. Be careful to use the glass cleaner only on the glass. It is not recommended to use some glass cleaner on frosted glass surfaces as it can reduce the amount of frost and colouring. 

Generally, most glass used on furniture is tempered and is quite strong, however be careful to never lift a table directly by its glass surface as this can cause the glass to shatter. 

Do not place extremely hot objects directly on glass and always use table matts and coasters which will eliminate scratches and breakage.



Base & Mattress Care


Always use a mattress cover. This will ensure your bed stays clean, and free of any long term wear affect, which may cause damage to the Damask cover. Only Mattresses specifically designed for a slat or posture slat base should be used on bedroom suites, which do not require a base. Slight Body indentations of the mattress are quite normal. And is part of the settlement process you will experience over time when purchasing a new mattress, as it conforms to your body shape. Do not remove any labels on your mattress as they help to distinguish the model of the mattress and may also be required in the event of a warranty claim or service. When you receive a new mattress you will find a protective plastic cover. Ensure you remove and dispose of this plastic cover before use.  Do not leave the plastic cover on, while sleeping on the mattress. Ensure the mattress never gets wet and be careful not to spill liquids such as drinks on the mattress. A wet mattress may cause damage to its Damask covering and internal components. When purchasing a new mattress, always ensure you purchase the correct corresponding foundation structure. Most mattresses are designed to suit a certain type of structure, which will help provide the correct support, and will ensure long lasting life. Warranty of the mattress may be void if the incorrect base structure has been used. Do not jump or stand on the mattress or base. The mattress and based are not designed to take high pressure on one single section of its spring structure. Doing so could damage the mattress and base spring support structure, and will void the warranty. Never bend your mattress for any reason, as this will cause the metal spring structure to twist and deform. Rotate your mattress periodically from head to toe or in a 180 degrees motion. This will prolong the life of the mattress and ensure a more even distribution of wear. Occasionally vacuum the mattress and make sure you get into the crevices, to reduce abrasions caused by crumbs, or other materials that can get stuck in the stitching grooves of the Damask cover, and allow for airing.



Cleaning Products


There are a variety of products developed especially for timber furniture care. Polishes, waxes, oil treatments, and cleaning products provide your furniture with protection from the elements of regular use. Furniture waxes provide long lasting protection for your timber finishes. Some furniture waxes also have colouring, which can help disguise minor nicks and scratches and provide your timber furniture with a fresh new look. Oily based polishes can also rejuvenate your timber furniture. However, oily polishes do leave behind an oily film that actually attracts dust and moisture to your furniture surface. Furniture cleaners and dusting aids help to protect your timber furniture finish against scratches and rub marks, and should be used regularly.



Furniture Care Products


There are a variety of products developed especially for furniture care as well as other commercial products available that achieve similar results. Polishes, waxes, oil treatments, stains and preservatives are formulated to provide your furniture protection from the elements and regular use. Which products are right for your furniture depend on the amount of use as well as climatic conditions. We've tried a number of products over the years and have found some to be better than others, while almost all products provide some level of protection and care for your furniture. Furniture waxes afford the longest lasting protection for your furniture finishes and are available as a paste or liquid. Some furniture paste waxes are coloured to help disguise minor nicks, scratches and other surface blemishes. Lemon oil and other pure oil polishes can leave behind an oily film that actually attracts dust and moisture to your furniture surface. It's a common myth that you need to fed the wood. Furniture cleaners and dusting aids help to protect the furniture finish and are recommended for regular use. The use of these products helps to avoid scratching the surface when dusting furniture with a dry rag.



Total Fabric Seal


Total peace of mind, blue ribbon protection with 5 years Guarantee. Protection against most common liquid, food, and oily stains. Offers higher resistance to dirt and makes cleaning much easier. Additional charges apply if this service is required.



Ultimate Leather Seal



With 5-year guarantee. Program covers you against stains, and accidental rips, cuts, tears, and cigarette burns protection. Program for new leather – Conditions apply.

It’s designed to help reduce the wearing effects of dirt, grime, and body oils, and enhances the durability of top-coated leather, helping to maintain softness and pliability. Regular use of these products provided will help improve the life expectancy and overall appearance of your leather, and restore vital nourishing and conditioning oils your leather requires. Top coated leather cared for with Ultimate Leather Seal Plus products will resist household spillages and stains for 5 years provided the application after care and maintenance instructions have been strictly adhered to. Should Ultimate Leather Seal Plus fail to work as promised, then the area of stained leather shall be professionally cleaned at no cost to you. (This shall be the full extent of the Total Furnishing Care Stain Protection Guarantee). Additional charges apply if this add on service is required.